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August 6, 2009

Tough Love for Mii

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My Mini-Mii   A little over a year ago, I moved to a small Texas town of about 10,000 people. Although I was certain that I would curl up and die with the nearest Target 40 miles away from me, I actually grew to appreciate small town living. After all, there is no traffic, very little crime, and friendly people. I was particularly excited to see that there was a gym right down the street from my house. Being that the town is small, the gym was never crowded, with no more than five people there during my preferred workout times. No excuses, right? WRONG!

I had grown accustomed at my old gym to functioning equipment with individual televisions and cable. I also enjoyed luxuries like air-conditioning, a concept lost at my new gym. I found that the five people there to work out were all vying over the use of the one functioning treadmill. Young meatheads scoped out their spot in the weight room early in the evening so that they could dominate the air with their hipster music. To top it off, in an effort to save cost on the energy bill, this place was a sauna, even in the winter. This did not work so well for me because when I work out, I turn RED… I mean, red ribbon, red dress, “call the hospital, I think she is about to die” RED. In the right conditions, I can delay this phenomenon 15, maybe 20 minutes into the workout. In this ridiculous heat… two minutes flat. This further increased my workout insecurities, and eventually I found myself on the couch watching reruns of Rosanne every night instead of be-bopping across the street for thirty minutes of torture.

After six months of sloth, something had to change. I had to return to a life where I could enjoy both buttoning my pants and breathing at the same time. That is when Wii Fit entered my life. Initially we both had some hostilities. The little personified Wii Fit board would let out a painful grunt when you would step on him. Is it really necessary to be so hurtful Mr. Board? Suck it up! And then came the creation of the virtual Melissa or my Mii. I designed her, put a cute pair of oversized sunglasses on her, created her in my image. This was powerful stuff here, and I liked it. Then Wii Fit had to bring its hate again. You step on the board, it analyzes your weight and height, and then makes your Mii proportionally correct. So there stood my Mii: her cute sunglasses, pouty red lips, and her little pot belly hanging out of her shirt. Ouch! Seriously, so what if I have a little padding? That doesn’t mean that I don’t have enough self respect to wear a shirt that covers, if not camouflages, my belly. In my rage I almost altered my height so I could be super model Mii, but I paused. Wii wanted to make me angry. Wii wanted me to take my rage and work harder, and he wasn’t going to let me hide behind a belly covering shirt. Wii was giving me tough love.

Thus, I continue my love – hate relationship with Wii. Sure he tells me I am literally “unbalanced,” and my Mii’s belly still hangs out of her Wii little shirt, but it gives me that motivation to work harder. He is my own personal trainer… a mean, hateful, verbally abusive personal trainer, but I love him anyway.


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  1. I love you’re Mii, she’s cute.

    Comment by Kelli — August 6, 2009 @ 8:51 pm | Reply

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